Mary Condren (1989)

The Serpent and the Goddess:

Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland

Mary Condren

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Originally published in 1989 (Harper Collins), this is a very significant contribution to the reconstruction of Christian history in feminist terms. Mary Condren teaches at Trinity College's Centre for Women's Studies. 

Using Ireland as a case study, this book provides an account of the decline of matriarchal power in Western civilizations and analyses its implications for today's women and today's Catholic Church. From the age of Eve to the age of Brigit to the age of Mary, the author traces the rise of patriarchal consciousness.

Review, by Mary Montaut, IAHP
Although this book is not directly about psychotherapy in any way, it addresses a subject of such fundamental importance to the psychological life of women that I feel it should certainly be read by any therapist who is seriously concerned with the effects of social oppression read more here

Mary Condren’s work has been influential in the shift in focus from “altar” to “hearth”, in BSE rituals.  Learn something more of Mary Condren here.

Fionnuala Bates