Congram, Mayes & Musselbrook

Engendering Balance: 

A Fresh Approach to Leadership (2013)

Sue Congram, Rosie Mayes, Mary Musselbrook 

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This small book offers an imaginative and compelling approach to leadership in which leaders who think and act differently achieve more.  Grounded in research and drawing on a wealth of experience, Engendering Balance has arisen from the pioneering work of the three authors. 

The wisdom of Engendering Balance lies in qualities of practice, these are implicit qualities that we all have, men and women alike, of which some are already valued in leadership and others not.  The art of achieving balance involves growing and strengthening qualities that have been undervalued, which are then thoughtfully combined with established practices to create the conditions for success.

The responsibility of leadership is creating the conditions for success. 

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Sue Congram is an author and a founding director of Engendering Balance Ltd, a consultancy working with women-led learning in leadership.  She is also a founder of the Leaderful Women Project, working in-depth with senior-level women. A founding member of BodySoul Europe, she has been a member of the core faculty of the Marion Woodman Foundation for many years, most recently teaching the annual Dunderry BodySoul Rhythms® intensive in Ireland. She continues to teach at the BodyDreamingTM  and Mask Workshop with Marian Dunlea and Pauline Sayhi in Greece each summer. 

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