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Membership Appeal

7th April 2018

Dear Friends of BodySoul Europe, 

Our BodySoul Europe community is thriving. Behind the scenes members of the BodySoul Europe (BSE) community are working closely on your behalf with BodySoul women worldwide and with officers of the Marion Woodman Foun-dation to develop future BodySoul programmes and build a global community of women and men who are passionate about BodySoul work. To date, there are fourteen BodySoul Programmes being offered in Europe 2018-19, notably in Ireland, France, Switzerland, the U.K., and in Greece. 

Please help us. 
We need your support and encouragement to help promote world-wide awareness of the value and importance of BodySoul work. You can do this in the following ways: 

Become a member of BodySoul Europe and the Marion Woodman Foundation
Fifty percent of Marion Woodman Foundation (MWF) membership fees collected from European members continues to come to BodySoul Europe (BSE). This money is managed by the BodySoul Europe Holding Team and will be used for the development of BodySoul programmes in Europe. 

The MWF is now an Allied Organisation of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). 

So MWF members can now attend IAAP conferences and congresses, including the upcoming international confer-ence in Vienna in 2019. Visit the IAAP website at for details of their congresses & conferences. 

Members of the MWF are also eligible to purchase the Journal of Analytical Psychology (JAP) at a reduced rate, saving £26 or €40 off the regular subscription. For details about how to become a member of the MWF and BodySoul Europe visit:

Members of BodySoul Europe and the Marion Woodman Foundation are regularly invited to have their events and workshops posted on the websites of MWF and BSE. 

Make a donation to the Marion Woodman Foundation. 

BodySoul work must be experienced to understand its extraordinary potential for personal and professional develop-ment. In the past, the MWF has relied on participants to help support its development and expansion. Currently BodySoul programmes do not generate enough revenue to maintain the MWF office. In the spirit of making BodySoul work and its principles more widely available, we invite you to consider donating to the Marion Woodman Founda-tion. You can donate online at the same address,

On behalf of the Marion Woodman Foundation and BodySoul Europe, we thank you for your generosity and support. 

With love and warm regards, 

Ana Kirby, Diane Bhurruth, Fionnuala Bates, Nina Kihlman and Vera Faria Leal, 

BodySoul Europe Holding Team.