Holding Team

The Holding Team holds the vision for BodySoul Europe.  They hold connection between Project, Affiliate and Task teams.  Its members meet monthly by conference call.   Current members hail from Finland, Ireland, Portugal and the U.K.


Ana Kirby

Diane Lancaster.jpg

Di Bhurruth

Nov 2017.2.JPG

Fionnuala Bates

Nina Kihlman (2).jpg

Nina Kihlman


Vera Faria Leal


Past Holding Team members: 

Brenda Harris
Dermot Cox
Fiona Rooney-Fitzpatrick
Marie d’Hubert
Wendy Bratherton
Pat Moran
Joanna Pike
Josie Gould
Vernessa Foelix
Alison Sayers
Abigail Whyte
Jayne Hayden