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BodySoul Europe Privacy Policy

Name:  BodySoul Europe

Address:  no postal address.

Contact:  office@bodysouleurope.org

Data protection officer:  Fionnuala Bates


What data do we hold?

BodySoul Europe holds the names and email addresses of people who wish to receive quarterly updates from BodySoul Europe. 

Where do we get the data?

Data is provided directly by members wishing for quarterly updates.

Where do we process personal data?

·         Names and email addresses are held on the P.C. of the current Membership Secretary using Mailchimp and are erased from the PC of the outgoing Membership Secretary. 

·         All requests made through our website for quarterly updates are forwarded directly to the Membership Secretary and Mailchimp.  No data is stored on the website. 

Purpose of the processing

BodySoul Europe processes personal data for the following purposes:

·         Photograph documentation (for identification of BodySoul practitioners, Holding Team members and contributors of type and images in BodySoul Journal on line and in print)

·         For the circulation of quarterly newsletters

·         Legal obligations – AGM documentation 

3rd Party Data Sharing

Data is not shared with 3rd party organisations

Data Retention Period:

Names and Email addresses are stored by the Membership Secretary and will be retained for a period of two years before the data subject will be given the option of having their data retained beyond this period, or deleted.  Names and emails are stored in this manner. 

Your rights:

You have the following rights in respect of the personal data that BodySoul Europe retains.  Please contact us through the email address above to exercise any of these rights:

·         The right to erasure - when you unsubscribe, from our mailing list, your name and email is erased from our records.

·         The right to complain:  If you feel that BodySoul Europe has not fulfilled its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, you have the right to lodge a complaint through the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). You can access guidance on how to make a complaint here:  https://www.gov.uk/data-protection/make-a-complaint

Automated decision making, including profiling:

BodySoul Europe does not use any automated decision making or profiling.

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Cookie Policy

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How does Bodysoul Europe use cookies?
We use at least two cookies that will identify your session to our services. This is necessary to provide our service to you.

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