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BodySoul Europe has a new network open to all interested in our activities.

You can email us

Or you can join Linked-In for free to participate in the conversation. When you join, you can comment and post your own discussions. We hope that this forum will give us space to post notice of workshops, of books we’ve read and loved, to ask questions and to explore any BodySoul related issues and topics that we want to discuss.


To join the BodySoul Europe Linked In group, simply:

1) Go to Linked-In  and click on 'join LinkedIn' 

2) Create a personal profile (you can always use a pseudonym surname if you don't want to be visible, and you don't have to fill in any extra information if you don't want to). 

3) Once you’ve joined you can then either start a new discussion by clicking on ‘discussion’ or you can comment on a discussion that has already been started by clicking on ‘comment’ underneath the discussion item and adding your comment to that.