Colleen Russell (2018)

The Feminine Path to Wholeness, Becoming a Conscious Queen 

“Your gifts are hidden in the wounds and limitations of the past.

The more you heal your story, the more your life expands.”

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The Feminine Path to Wholeness, Becoming a Conscious Queen is a modern-day story and guidebook for women in search of their true-selves which also helps them reclaim their creative voice. It provides a reflection of cultural issues women have encountered for generations, and includes many concerns women face today. Colleen’s resounding message is one of hope and healing for women, for our entire culture.

It provides answers to these questions: 1. Is it possible for women to live full and vital lives and let go of the negativity, fear, shame, blame and oppression women have carried for centuries? 2. How do we embrace our full selves, those parts we love as well as those we don’t? 3. How can we find and share our unique gifts and why is it important to do so now?

Through honest and provocative storytelling, colorful artwork and compelling quotes, Colleen’s story helps women become conscious - free to step into their true destiny.

About the Author

Colleen Russell, The Artful Sage, is a women’s empowerment and creativity coach whose passion is helping women find and live authentic lives. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on women’s studies and spiritual transformation. Colleen is a 2010 graduate of a three-year Jungian-based BodySoul Leadership training taught by Marion Woodman, a world renowned leader in feminine studies.

 She regularly teaches women’s retreats, speaks before groups and co-facilitates trips abroad. She resides in northern Idaho with her husband Randy and their Golden Retriever, Daisy.

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