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THE PREGNANT VIRGIN - Sybil Fuller & Alison Sayers

JAY EDGE - A Samhain Gathering For Women Exploring Body, Soul, Spirit & The Sacred Feminine

Nuala Flynn - DREAMING DAYS flyer

The BodySoul Europe Constitution 2019 with amendment

Marian Dunlea (2019) BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: An Embodied Therapeutic Approach.

Celebrating the meaning-filled Life of Marion Woodman - Pacifica 2019 exceeds max size 20MB (about 80MB)

Journal Autumn 2018

BodySoul Journal Vol. 4 No 2 - Autumn 2018 - A Tribute to Marion Woodman (amend-request Alison Sayers)

BodySoul Journal Vol.4 No.2 - Autumn 2018 - a Tribute to Marion Woodman (further corrected)

BodySoul Journal Vol.4 No.2 - Autumn 2018 - a Tribute to Marion Woodman (corrected)

BODYSOUL JOURNAL Vol.4 No.2 - Autumn 2018 - a Tribute to Marion Woodman

Abigail Whyte, Dublin, Ireland - Marian Woodman changed my life

Alison Sayers, Yorkshire UK, Sophia’s Bowl

Ana Kirby, Forest of Dean, UK In Bed By My Side

Calendar and Vimeo links

Benedicte Lampe Strasbourg VIDEO COLLABORATION with Vernessa Foelix Switzerland

Carlota Granja  Netherlands Response in the moment

Chrissy Sawyer - Nottinghamshire UK - A Journey with Marion Woodman

Christina Shewell – U.K. - Just One Personal Memory of Marion Woodman

Clare Healy Walls Co Cork & Marych O’Sullivan Co Galway, Ireland - Depth of Presence

Diane Bhurruth, Derbyshire, UK - Skites & pics

Elaine Mansfield, Burdett, NY - Let the Warm Love Flow

Eva Rider, Santa Cruz, California USA - Memories of Marion

Fiona Rooney Fitzpatrick, Co Galway, Ireland - Love is the Real Power

Guislaine Vincent Morland - London UK - Wise Feminine Nature

Guislaine Vincent Morland London Response in the moment

Josie Gould Devon ART - Marion Mary & Ann have touched & freed my soul

Keren Vishny, Illinois, US, - For Marion Woodman, In Memoriam

Lena Måndotter – Sweden –  Response in the moment

Louise Holland, Cambridge, UK, Tribute to Marion Woodman

Madeline O’Callaghan, Cambridgeshire, UK

Marian Dunlea, Co Galway, Ireland - A Woman Greatly Loved

Marian Dunlea, Co Galway, with Tina Stromsted, San Francisco - Tyger Tyger - We were on fire!

Marianne Henderson, UK, Response in the moment

Marion Reynolds, Dublin, Ireland Images and Memories of Marion

Marych O’Sullivan Co Galway and Clare Healy Walls Co Cork, Ireland - Depth of Presence

Mary Lucille Hindmarch, Oxford UK, Response in the moment

Nina Kihlman Helsinki Spirit blows where it wills

Nuala Flynn – London UK – In Creating we are Created

Phillipa Bruce  Bath, UK,  Response in the moment

Punita Miranda Amsterdam and London An Experience with Marion Woodman

RESPONSES in the moment – Phillipa, Carlota, Guislaine, Marianne, Vernessa, Mary Lucille, Sheila, Lena

Sally Ann O’Reilly Dublin & Kildare  Pure Joy with Red Hair

Sarah Prezekwas, Littleton, Colorado, Marion Woodman Calendar 2019

Sheila Bartlett,   England, Response in the moment

Susan Adams, Arizona Video recording of Marion reciting TS Eliot

Sue Congram  with pic – Herefordshire From Chrysalis to Butterfly – a tribute to M Woodman

Tessa Strickland North-East Somerset UK POEM

Tina Stromsted San Francisco, with Marian Dunlea Co Galway - Tyger Tyger - We were on fire!

Vernessa Foelix, Switzerland, Response in the moment

Vernessa Foelix  Switzerland, VIDEO collaboration with Benedicte Lampe, Strasbourg